#healthymusic is a special recipe cooked by Chef Pierre D'Vara.



DJ:hosted by Pierre D'Vara

ON AIR:every Thursday

Healthy Music

#healthymusic is a special recipe cooked by Chef PierreD'Vara. A fine selection of groovy beats from funk to disco to house music to modern funk and nu disco. Every Tuesday from 21:00 on www.binrad.io

Born in 1989 at the Black Sea Coast in Constanta, Pierre D'Vara grew up with 90s hip hop music. Later, at the age of 12, he discovered electronic music and thenbegan his fascination with the art of djing.

Being passionate about music always seeks to find a bridge between musical genres, hating to be limited to one genre. Always trying to find a fusion between the vibe of funk and disco music from the 70s and 80s, hip hop beats and electronic music.

He tries to give a modern view on contemporary styles . Genres such as house, modern funk, soul, nu disco can be found in his sets.

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